Walter Thomas, PA can make sure your rights are respected and your rental agreement is enforced. Walter Thomas has ten years of experience in Lakeland courts. He understands Florida property how the Florida legal system operates and will do everything possible to bring about the best outcome for you.

Every detail of your Florida commercial rental agreement is important. Before you sign a lease, consult a good lawyer to make sure your rights are protected.

  • Disabled persons’ rights
  • Evictions and lock-outs
  • Injuries caused by a landlord’s negligence
  • Injuries relating to housing conditions
  • Lease negotiations
  • Mobile home and trailer park law
  • Neglect
  • Nuisance claims
  • Property damage
  • Retail and commercial leases
  • Slumlord litigation
  • Tax liens


I've hired Walt on a few occasions and consulted with him on a few more! The cases he's worked for me he's always set the right expectations! If I had a good case he'd tell me, if I didn't have a good case he would tell me the truth! I trust Walters experience and "Go Getter" approach to the way he handles cases, I've never once been left guessing "What's going on with my case" with Walt.
~ Chris
Two words that describe my legal experiences while using Attorney Walter Thomas: Quality and Speed. Walter is quick to return correspondence both to clients and court proceedings. His attention to detail is second to none! I would hire him again!
~ Angel